• Healing Bracelet by Believe & Believe

    Believe & Believe (Marbella, Spain)

  • Race to Erase MS is excited to be partnering with Believe & Believe, a new international jewelry company from Marbella, Spain, with this unique bracelet specifically created to help with MS.

    •    Believe & Believe gives 20% of each sale of the bracelet to benefit Race to Erase MS all year-round.
    •    The creations by Believe & Believe are made in the mountains Marbella, enhanced by the power received from the Strait of Gibraltar from minerals of Mother Earth. To activate the full healing potential of the stones, all pieces are made individually per order, purified and charged under the energy of the Sun and under the light of the Moon, with final application of powerful Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique.
    •    The combination of the stones remove blockages in the meridians and facilitate the flow of healing energies throughout the organism, strengthens the immune system, heart, nervous system and bones and is particularly effective in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

    Material: Silver

    Semi-Precious STONES:  Rhodonite, Watermelon Tourmaline

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