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Cadense Adaptive Shoes

Cadense Adaptive Shoes

Meet the world’s first truly adaptive shoes. Designed for those experiencing walking difficulties.

If you (or a loved one) struggle to lift your foot while swinging it forward or worry about tripping and falling this shoe is made for you. Unlike regular sneakers, Cadense sneakers have an innovative sole with two adaptive nylon pucks. Raised above the sole these pucks enable smooth gliding over obstacles. When pressure is applied to the front of the foot the nylon pucks retract into the soft foam while the rubber sole allows easy stopping and toe-off. Cadense shoes have been designed to work indoors and outdoors. Use them on low-pile carpets hardwood floors uneven pavements concrete and many more. The shoes are extremely easy to put on and take off. And Cadense sneakers seamlessly blend the latest fashion trends with timeless design and feel like walking on a cloud. Adaptive Footwear meets Fashion.

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